Glendullan-Glenlivet 19 year old (Cadenhead’s)

Bottle: Standard Cadenhead’s small batch bottling. Nose: Lemon drops, grapefruit, vanilla cream and liquorice. The longer it breathes the more buttery it gets. Nice. Body: Light and silky. Palate: Foam banana sweets, dried apricot and lemon rind and some more vanilla. Creamy. Finish: Long and steady this one with salted lemon, grilled pineapple and the ever […]

Longmorn 24 year old cask #191954 (SMoS)

Bottle: A Single Malts of Scotland bottling that comes with classic styling. The rear label tells me that the range are all vintage selections based on cask quality and character. As I’m already a Longmorn nut, I’m excited! Nose: Gently sweet and a little briny at first then settles into familiar perfumy Longmorn territory. Pear, […]

Glenfarclas 25

Bottle: Standard Glenfarclas distillery bottling. Nose: Golden syrup, butter menthol sweets, a little dusty. The aromas are a bit shallow and thin. Body: Light and silky. Very nice texture. Clean and light. Palate: The signature Glenfarclas Christmas cake is there, gingerbread, caramelized orange zest, butter menthols again at the back. Finish: Gingerbread lingers, cinnamon, single cream, […]

Auchentoshan 23 year old (Cadenhead’s)

Bottle: Standard Cadenhead’s small batch bottling. Nose: Lemon, mint leaves, a little dusty and dry. Not huge but quite pleasant nonetheless. Body: Lighter side of medium and just a little waxy. The liquid is pale gold. Palate: Apple, elderflower, pear, lemon sherbet. It’s smooth, clean and tart. Finish: Long. The lemon sherbet just keeps on going […]

Cragganmore 12

Bottle: Classic whisky bottle styling with a double description of the malt (on both the main label as well as the top of the neck) which is a touch odd from a marketing pov. A few superlatives in there, so why make the exact same statements twice? Nose: Soft and floral with some ginger beer […]

Glen Rothes 1989 21 year old cask #24380 (Signatory)

Bottle: Standard Signatory cask strength collection bottling. The label is telling me this was matured in a recharred sherry butt. Nose: Toffee, pear, bubblegum (the stick kind with sugar dust). Body: Medium bodied and a little brackish. Palate: Sherry and oak come through strongly. Gradually shifts to sour cherry and white pepper. Actually tastes quite […]

Glenlivet 15

Bottle: Classical, with a bit of extra weight to it. The glass seems thicker perhaps? Nose: Honey and barley sugar mostly with a bit of sherry and cream. Pretty much identical to the 18 year old I have to say. A bit more floral perhaps? Body: Medium. Palate: Honey, cereals and cream with a touch of orange […]

Bowmore 1992 11 year old cask #4229 (Signatory)

Bottle: Standard issue un-chillfiltered collection. Nondescript with a plain white label. Nose: Iodine, wet earth and maple glazed bacon all come together in a nice, perfumy, melange. Gets mustier with airing. Body: Medium and waxy. Thicker than it looks. Coats the mouth well. Palate: Almost cookie dough at the start, quickly becoming saltier and ashy, ending […]

Clynelish 1998 13 year old (Signatory)

Bottle: Regular Signatory affair. Label info tells me this comes from 2 hogsheads (casks #7759 & #7760). Nose: Subtle. Salted lemon, beeswax and faint incense. Body: Medium with a good firm texture. Palate: Orange, Toffee, sea spray, Turkish delight. Pleasant. Very easy to drink. Quite smooth. Finish: Orange doesn’t go anywhere but it does get […]

Pulteney 1990 25 year old (Cadenhead’s)

Bottle: Cadenhead’s authentic collection standard bottling. Nose: Some glue aromas, heather, orange juice. The scents shift a little with each whiff, it’s a bit of a changeling. Interesting. Body: Light and a little waxy. Palate: Orange juice sweetness with some lovely fizz and then grassy with salted lemons at the end. Finish: Salted lemon stays, […]


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