Old Pulteney 12

Bottle: Thick and squashed with a double chin. Makes for a good finger grip (useful in rough seas perhaps… it is the maritime malt after all). Nose: Maraschino cherry, leather and brine. Body: Medium Palate: Equally sweet and salty. Toffee, brine and oak at the end. Finish: Medium length, spicy with a touch of citrus peel and minerals. […]

Glendronach 15 Moscatel Finish

Bottle: The standard Glendronach shape with mauve on white labelling. Looks summery compared to most other GD’s. Nose: A big grapey hit with honey and raisins sitting just underneath. The aromas shift around a little with each whiff. Interesting stuff. Body: Medium and waxy. Palate: Coats the mouth with an initial hit of tropical fruits which lingers on after […]

Yamazaki Distiller’s Reserve

Bottle: Simple, unassuming, minimalist and clean. Nose: I could smell this all day long. Strawberry, Incense and a touch of Hay? Body: Medium and silky. Palate: Strawberry, Cherry, almost bubblegum for a moment before the wood and spice creeps in. Finish: Long and generous. No need to rush this one at all. A bit of […]

Cardhu 15

Bottle: Squat and dimpled on the sides. Kinda cute. Eye-catching on 45 degree angle. Nose: Salty liquorice at first, then dried fruits and vanilla. Body: Light/medium Palate: Peppery, a touch of dark chocolate and something a little charred. Finish: White pepper lingers for a while. Something almost metallic. Dry. Quite smooth. Neat/Ice/Water: Becomes a little sweeter with […]