Yamazaki Distiller’s Reserve

Bottle: Simple, unassuming, minimalist and clean.

Nose: I could smell this all day long. Strawberry, Incense and a touch of Hay?

Body: Medium and silky.

Palate: Strawberry, Cherry, almost bubblegum for a moment before the wood and spice creeps in.

Finish: Long and generous. No need to rush this one at all. A bit of brown sugar in there with some delicate smoke in the tail.

Neat/Ice/Water: You can’t really get this one wrong whichever way you go. It just tastes incredibly satisfying in slightly different ways. Water or ice brings a sherbert quality to it that simply rocks (no pun intended) and adds cotton candy/fairy floss to the nose I might add. Ooohhh. Neat, it’s more compact and viscous.

Verdict: Superior. This was my first ever Japanese whisky (about a year ago – thanks Q, really) and I wasn’t sure what to expect. One taste and we’ve been together ever since. This has permanent residency status in my cabinet. I start getting nervous when the bottle is 2/3 gone. The craftsmanship and balance of this malt still takes me by surprise and for the price… outstanding value for money. Dammit. I just finished the glass…


  1. GB says:

    I am sold .. Have to buy a bottle now … Early birthday gift to myself


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