Glendronach 15 Moscatel Finish

Bottle: The standard Glendronach shape with mauve on white labelling. Looks summery compared to most other GD’s.

Nose: A big grapey hit with honey and raisins sitting just underneath. The aromas shift around a little with each whiff. Interesting stuff.

Body: Medium and waxy.

Palate: Coats the mouth with an initial hit of tropical fruits which lingers on after being quickly joined by raisins and a touch of wood. Develops some marzipan and spice with a little chilli tickle on the end.

Finish: Melon and cashew nuts and spice. Warming, good length with a very measured fade on it.

Neat/Ice/Water: A little ice/water adds a touch of sweetness which isn’t needed in my opinion as it’s sweet enough already. It also takes away too much from the other characteristics. This baby doesn’t need anything. Neat for me.

Verdict: Quaffable. This is a very pleasant, easily drinkable malt with an agreeable nature. A very nice balance of flavours. Certainly not heavy but not too light either. Looks discontinued now which is a shame, but I’ll keep an eye out for any other moscatel finishes that I’ve seen from some of the other distilleries (Benriach, Arran, even Caol Ila, now that would be interesting).

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