Old Pulteney 12

Bottle: Thick and squashed with a double chin. Makes for a good finger grip (useful in rough seas perhaps… it is the maritime malt after all).

Nose: Maraschino cherry, leather and brine.

Body: Medium

Palate: Equally sweet and salty. Toffee, brine and oak at the end.

Finish: Medium length, spicy with a touch of citrus peel and minerals.

Neat/Ice/Water: Ice or water loosen the flavours a little which I think I prefer, as neat, this is quite dense. The same notes remain but seem to give each other a bit more space on the palate. The spice seems to leave the finish and it’s a touch smoother.

Verdict: Quaffable. It’s reasonably good although I’m not sure I’d personally buy it again. There’s a faint bitterness on the finish that detracts from the rest of it which is quite nice. The sweet & salt on the palate is the best part.

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