Glenmorangie Signet

Bottle: The bottle is dark & mysterious. It looks arcane and forbidden. The neck is jeweled (love the weight of the stopper), the body, obsidian fading to dark amber below. Gold script adds a bit more mystique…

Nose: Dusty in a pleasant way, leather, dark chocolate, espresso and a hint of orange peel. It’s intriguing and I can nose this for quite some time. Gets a touch creamier with some air.

Body: Very interesting. It’s layered with the different aged whiskies within coating the mouth in different ways (the Glenmorangie rep at the 2014 Whisky Exchange show told me there are some 35 & 40 year old whiskies in this no age statement malt). It’s thick and oily in parts and silky in others which is not something I have come across before.

Palate: Dark chocolate orange shifts to chocolate coated sultanas. A constant espresso note underpins the whole thing. Some sherry. Some hot paprika.

Finish: Warming and medium length. Bitter chocolate and cocoa butter with a touch of mint.

Neat/Ice/Water: Neat. Based on the complexity of this malt and some of the aged whiskies within, to dilute it, would be irresponsible (especially at this price!).

Verdict: Superior. While I’m not sure if it justifies the price of the bottle, it is unlike any other whisky I’ve tasted and from that point of view it is an experience. I’d almost call it a desert whisky and certainly not any kind of day-to-day dram. Well done Glenmorangie for creating something distinct and truly interesting. I’ve heard this referred to as a closer whisky for tasting sessions but in my opinion it should be experienced first or on it’s own. There’s some nuances here in terms of body and flavor which might be missed if consumed too soon after another malt. Because there’s nothing really like it, nothing should precede it to complicate things further. One of a kind.

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