Glenlivet 18

Bottle: Classical, with a bit of extra weight to it. The glass seems thicker perhaps?

Nose: Honey and barley sugar mainly with a bit of sherry and cream. Quite classy and refined.

Body: Thick without being sticky.

Palate: Honey, cereals and cream with a touch of orange peel. Nicely balanced.

Finish: Quite long with a pleasant level of oak and spice. Smooth and dry.

Neat/Ice/Water: With ice or water it simply glides down but loses some of the viscosity which I like. A little sweeter perhaps, a smidge of vanilla as well. I’d go neat on this one however, as the palate is more intense and rewarding.

Verdict: This one has me torn and I can’t quite decide. Somewhere between quaffable and superior. Make no mistake. this is a quality dram that can hardly fail to please. Very well constructed and good value for money too. Much more evolved and rewarding than the entry level GL12 but not quite on par with some other 18’s from Speyside I’ve had. The finish is the best part, very nice indeed.

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