Singleton of Dufftown 12

Bottle: Fairly plain and conservative labeling but on a flat, wide bottle. Like an over sized hip flask…

Nose: Rich and buttery. Brown sugar. A little dusty with a hint of liquorice. Not overly complex but very friendly.

Body: Medium, a little waxy.

Palate: Hazelnut, marzipan, orange zest, a little white pepper on the tongue. Very smooth and enjoyable.

Finish: Medium length, crisp, well rounded oak and spice.

Neat/Ice/Water: I like this with a little ice. It takes the waxiness and pepper down a level. Just glides down.

Verdict: Quaffable This would be a fantastic intro malt for newcomers or for anyone seeking an uncomplicated sipping dram with a sweet delivery. A peat or sherry monster it is not. It’s the kind of malt I quite like if I feel like a whisky while my thoughts are not necessarily on the whisky. Unobtrusive yet satisfying. If I was looking for a comparable malt then I’d say Glenfiddich 12 but personally, I’d choose this one out of the two.

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