Jura 1992 15 year old (Connoisseurs Choice)

Bottle: Standard issue G&M Connoisseurs Choice bottling. Light brown label.

Nose: Shortbread, honeycomb, pear and white grape.

Body: Thick and waxy. Not what I was expecting based on how it looks in the glass. A quick tilt to the side shows it’s legs.

Palate: Toasted cereals and lots of them. Cream and a little oak floating underneath. A touch of liquorice at the center. Very satisfying actually.

Finish: Medium length. The cereals persist, some delicate peat and a nice buttery creaminess.

Neat/Ice/Water: Could go either way here. Ice/water reduces the viscosity to normal levels and opens up the sweetness in the dram very nicely. I think the peat in the finish comes out more too. Neat has more intensity and much more unctuous.

Verdict: Superior. This is good stuff and not at all what I was expecting. The dense body is a surprise considering the paleness of the dram. Coats the mouth beautifully and has a distinctly amiable character despite not being overly boisterous in any one aspect. Nose through to finish, it’s just good and quietly delivers on all fronts. It has a lovely buttery, biscuity tone to the whole experience that really works. My first Jura and based on this I’m interested to try more. Very worthwhile.

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