Glendronach 8 The Hielan’

Bottle: The standard Glendronach shape with white on black labelling. Nose: Dusty fudge initially shifting to sultana, butterscotch and vanilla cream after breathing a little. Body: Light and silky. A little waxy. Palate: Crisp and dry. There’s some sherry here but it’s fighting to get through the more pronounced bourbon flavours. Initially some toffee like sweetness which quickly fades […]

Caol Ila 1984 16 year old (Connoisseurs Choice)

Bottle: Standard issue G&M Connoisseurs Choice bottling. Mauve label. Nose: Wonderfully fragrant yet salty. Smells like perfume on sweaty skin almost. Musk, sandalwood and dried seaweed. Hot damn! Body: Medium and silky Palate: Burnt sugar initially, then spicy & herbaceous, medicinal tones fill the palate. Lastly, a pleasant, gentle peat lift finishes the mouthful in a very fitting way. […]

Auchentoshan 3 Wood

Bottle: An elegant, modern take on the classic shape, with narrow flattened sides. Nose: Grenadine, blackcurrant, a hint of old leather. Dry and sweet. Body: Medium and silky. Palate: Very rich. Black forest cake (chocolate and cherries), a little golden syrup, a touch of oak underneath it all. It’s a big mouthful, not subtle by […]

Glenmorangie 12 The Quinta Ruban

Bottle: Standard Glenmorangie shape. Classical look with flowing, curved lines. Nose: Berries, raisins, elderflower, port. A little butter creeps in after breathing for a bit. Body: Medium, a touch waxy. Palate: Very sweet. Raisins, orange and nutmeg dominate. A little gingerbread in there too. Pretty smooth. Finish: Medium length, Orange and raisins maintain their position. sticky […]

Benromach 1976 38 year old (Cadenheads)

Bottle: I got a sample miniature from a mate so can’t really comment. Picture shows one of the standard Cadenhead’s bottles however. Nose: Toffee apple, wood varnish, lemon sherbet. A little dusty too. Soft and refined but fills the senses nonetheless. Body: Thick and waxy. Palate: Delicious. An instant, effervescent tropical fruit explosion that turns very […]