Benromach 1976 38 year old (Cadenheads)

Bottle: I got a sample miniature from a mate so can’t really comment. Picture shows one of the standard Cadenhead’s bottles however.

Nose: Toffee apple, wood varnish, lemon sherbet. A little dusty too. Soft and refined but fills the senses nonetheless.

Body: Thick and waxy.

Palate: Delicious. An instant, effervescent tropical fruit explosion that turns very woody in a good way. A touch salt at the back end.

Finish: Gently warming, wood lingers with a wisp of smoke and pineapple. Medium length with incredible poise.

Neat/Ice/Water: Ice? Water? Not gonna happen at 38 years old.

Verdict: Superior. You can taste the time it spent in the barrel. It’s a seasoned, rich dram with great character and depth. At 52.9% it glides down neat in a way I wasn’t expecting. Smooth as. Highly worthwhile if you can track down one of the 222 bottles ever released. Very moreish and I certainly regret not having one. Found one online at £350 so I daresay we shan’t meet again in this life, but it was a very pleasant one night stand…

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