Glenmorangie 12 The Quinta Ruban

Bottle: Standard Glenmorangie shape. Classical look with flowing, curved lines.

Nose: Berries, raisins, elderflower, port. A little butter creeps in after breathing for a bit.

Body: Medium, a touch waxy.

Palate: Very sweet. Raisins, orange and nutmeg dominate. A little gingerbread in there too. Pretty smooth.

Finish: Medium length, Orange and raisins maintain their position. sticky sweet, tiniest hint of smoke.

Neat/Ice/Water: A little ice/water flatten out the flavours a little and make it even smoother. Maybe a touch of sour cherry in the finish I didn’t spot when it was neat. Agnostic on this one as it’s not really flicking my switch either way but is decent enough either way.

Verdict: Average. It’s nice enough although a little too sweet for me personally. Lacks sufficient depth to score any higher but eminently drinkable for most people I’d say. Not sure port finishes are my bag to be honest but will keep an open mind for the next one. Wouldn’t buy it again but not because it’s no good, just that it hasn’t really grabbed me. Think the wife will like this one actually, Sweet and smooth.

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