Auchentoshan 3 Wood

Bottle: An elegant, modern take on the classic shape, with narrow flattened sides.

Nose: Grenadine, blackcurrant, a hint of old leather. Dry and sweet.

Body: Medium and silky.

Palate: Very rich. Black forest cake (chocolate and cherries), a little golden syrup, a touch of oak underneath it all. It’s a big mouthful, not subtle by any means.

Finish: The treacly sweetness lingers on for a while and the wood comes out of the background in a nicely balanced way. Good flavours but a touch shallow for my taste.

Neat/Ice/Water: Ice/water sends the sweetness over the top if that’s what you like and opens up some nice effervescence/sherbet to boot. Personally I think it thins out too much so I’m going neat here.

Verdict: Quaffable. I know this will be heresy for some people as this dram has a large and loyal following but I find it’s lacks some depth that can’t be made up for by sweetness alone. Don’t get me wrong, I could drink this all night long and be a happy fella but it’s less interesting than I was hoping it would be. Had my first taster last year at the Whisky Exchange London show about midway through the day and I have to admit it stood out at the time but now I’m thinking it was probably because of the sheer sweetness of it. A nice dram and very smooth, just lacks a little mystery for my taste.

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