Glendronach 8 The Hielan’

Bottle: The standard Glendronach shape with white on black labelling.

Nose: Dusty fudge initially shifting to sultana, butterscotch and vanilla cream after breathing a little.

Body: Light and silky. A little waxy.

Palate: Crisp and dry. There’s some sherry here but it’s fighting to get through the more pronounced bourbon flavours. Initially some toffee like sweetness which quickly fades into gingerbread, cocoa and some pepper.

Finish: Short. A touch metallic which isn’t good. Little depth or nuance

Neat/Ice/Water: At 46% and young, it’s a little hot drunk neat. Ice/water calms it down nicely and brings some sherbet into the mouth and ups the sweetness to a good place. Definitely better with a little ice.

Verdict: Average. It’s not bad. It’s just not particularly good. The nose is nice if a little thin. The mouth is reasonably vibrant but a little shallow. The finish is underwhelming but it’s a young ‘un so to be expected I suppose. Not much more to say really…

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