Bowmore Small Batch

Bottle: The modern Bowmore shape. Classical with clean, angular lines. The standard white label with green sections denoting the different maturation. Nose: Smoke, brine, honey, vanilla. Well balanced aromas. Inviting. Body: Thickish. Reasonably viscous. Palate: Quite salty, lime, gentle smoke and vanilla. Quite smooth for a young whisky. Finish: The flavours on the palate remain more […]

Balvenie 15 Single Barrel Sherry Cask #16284

Bottle: As classic a whisky bottle shape as can be really. White label with sherry coloured script. A nice touch there… Nose: Dry & dusty sherry. Boiled sweets. Milk chocolate. Body: Thick and luxurious. Coats the mouth ever so nicely. a lovely auburn colour. Palate: Dry. Raisins, almonds, leather, caramel, some balsamic vinegar in the […]

Longmorn 15

Bottle: An older style, slightly dumpy take on the classic whisky bottle shape. Positively frumpy compared to the 16 year old that superseded it. Nose: Very close to the 16 year old but just a little more restrained. Perfume. Lemon, lime, orange, a little salt, sandalwood, incense. Marvelous… Body: Silky and light. Palate: Fresh and zesty. […]