Bowmore Small Batch

Bottle: The modern Bowmore shape. Classical with clean, angular lines. The standard white label with green sections denoting the different maturation.

Nose: Smoke, brine, honey, vanilla. Well balanced aromas. Inviting.

Body: Thickish. Reasonably viscous.

Palate: Quite salty, lime, gentle smoke and vanilla. Quite smooth for a young whisky.

Finish: The flavours on the palate remain more or less as they are but the vanilla shifts towards coconut and it gets woodier too.

Neat/Ice/Water: Neat. It loses a lot of it’s character with ice/water.

Verdict: Quaffable. I read somewhere that this is like vanilla ice cream, by a bonfire at the beach which I thought was very apt as all these elements come into play across the nose and mouth. One of my go to drams of the last year based on value for money. Despite the small batch claim, there seems to be plenty about and it’s not expensive. It is quite tasty however and this combination can only be a good thing! A very decent intro dram to Islay or Bowmore without being too scary. On my 4th bottle I think. Local Tesco keeps selling it for under £30 which means I keep grabbing a bottle when they do. Oh well…

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