Dailuaine-Glenlivet 1997 18 year old Chateau Lafitte Finish (Cadenhead’s)

Bottle: Cadenhead’s authentic collection standard. Nose: Sultry stuff. You can nose this one for as long as you want and not get bored. Soft perfume. Strawberries and cream. Blood orange.  Gingerbread. Musk. Merest hint of chlorine. Body: Silky with mineral effervescence. Palate: Intense. Initially creme brulee and blueberries switching to aniseed with some lemon zest and […]

Nikka From The Barrel

Bottle: Only 50cl but a supercool cuboid shape with an old school screw top instead of the usual cork stopper. With the origami style packaging it gets noticed (and it’s a perfect size for an eye catching gift too).  A good start but how is the dram? Nose: Candied orange peel, cotton candy, pear. Nicely […]