Nikka From The Barrel

Bottle: Only 50cl but a supercool cuboid shape with an old school screw top instead of the usual cork stopper. With the origami style packaging it gets noticed (and it’s a perfect size for an eye catching gift too).  A good start but how is the dram?

Nose: Candied orange peel, cotton candy, pear. Nicely rounded and a touch dry.

Body: Silky, light and a little waxy at the back of the palate.

Palate: Sweet orange, sherbet, caramel and sugar syrup with some tasty spice and oak emerging at the back of the mouth. Lovely stuff. Really good.

Finish: A touch of clove and cinamon, peppery spice, the orange flavour remains throughout. Medium length and good balance in the fade. Quite moreish actually. In fact, I think I’ll have another…

Neat/Ice/Water: It’s a punchy little number neat and I prefer 2 small cubes in mine. At 51.4% the ice opens & relaxes the spirit a little, in just the right way.

Verdict: Superior. Here’s the shocking truth. It’s a B… a B… a BLEND! There I said it… After all these years of looking down on blends I finally and gladly raise the white flag to this little stunner. I am disarmed and I willingly surrender… It’s very very tasty and it has taught me a lesson I shall not forget anytime soon. I would easily choose this over many single malts. While I’m not about to run out and buy myself a bottle of Johnny Grouse anytime soon, I will try to keep an open mind from now on. Another rocking Japanese whisky as well.  I think we have ourselves another resident for the cabinet. Very reasonably priced as well, even at 50cl. Stop reading. Go get some…

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