Cadenhead’s Whisky Tasting – 28th August


Was this really a month ago?!

I had the good fortune to be invited along to a Friday night tasting at Cadenheads. A friend, Mr Brown, had a spare ticket which I was offered. I gladly accepted it a few months back and had been looking forward to this for some time. Stephen ran the session in a downstairs private room that had been used for the fitting of Princess Diana’s wedding dress apparently…  The other attendants were an Israeli couple and another gentleman, James B. The order (I think):

WP_20150828_001WP_20150828_002WP_20150828_003 WP_20150828_004 WP_20150828_005 WP_20150828_006 WP_20150828_007

I have left it a bit too long to remember each dram with any real accuracy, but there were some standouts. The Dalmore 24 rum cask was very interesting, the Auchroisk 24 sherry cask was bloody marvelous, the Caol Ila 31 was bordering on mystical! Hang on… we also had a Springbank 21. No photo I guess…

Dram after marvelous dram. Nothing younger than 21 years. Stephen chatted amiably about various aspects of whisky production and marketing, sprinkled with anecdotes from inside the world of Springbank etc. There were chocolates and cheeses too. All very nice. As James B put it (towards the end of the session), “Not a bad way to pass the time…”

Everyone bought a bottle or two on the way out (I got a Longmorn-Glenlivet 25). Stumbled across a Patty & Bun on the way home. Stunning burger with confit BBQ wings for starters. All in all a top night!

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