Macallan 12

Bottle: A slightly modern twist on classic styling. A round base tapers outwards gently to become more oval at the top. Tall and elegant.

Nose: Golden syrup, vanilla and gingerbread. I can breath this all week long…

Body: Lighter side of medium and quite silky.

Palate: A good hit of sherry but not OTT like some of the monsters out there. Marmalade and barley sugar. Tasty and well balanced.

Finish:  The dry sherry maintains, a little white pepper in the middle before that fades into faint wood smoke. Very satisfying all round.

Neat/Ice/Water: Neat every time. At 40% just leave it alone and enjoy.

Verdict: Superior. I picked this up at auction a little while ago and it put a smile of my face because this baby cannot fail to please unless you are the most die-hard of peaty malt drinkers. It’s bloody good stuff. The poise and craftsmanship make it a strong contender for best in class 12 year old (I’ll still go with the HP12 on that one however). How very sad that this has been discontinued in favour of the no age statement 1824 series that are labelled according to colour. Having tried the NAS replacements at whisky shows I was left distinctly underwhelmed (vague memories of the Ruby being ok but look at the price compared to this!). The current whisky shortage is making renowned producers such as this do very odd things indeed. Tried the Macallan Rare Cask as well the other day and it wasn’t anywhere near justifying it’s price point. Come back to us Macallan, come back into the light… I don’t dislike all NAS malts, but most of them have disappointed and certainly all of them from this distillery.

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