Glenfarclas 15 103 proof

Bottle: Regular Glenfarclas brown glass bottle. Fine print on the label tells me it’s a Whisky Exchange exclusive bottling. 2 in a row then after the last review…

Nose: A powerful sherry/varnish aroma that packs punch. If you go in too fast it singes your nose hairs. Let it breathe and you get a creamier, honey & oats, butterscotchy affair that really pleases. You can really spend some time on the nose with this dram. No need to rush it.

Body: Medium and silky.

Palate: Punchy and intense. Fizzy and a little hot as is. Sherry, honey, lime, lemon zest, cherry, cereals, fruit cake, all quite munchy and unctuous.

Finish:  Medium dry, honey and lime continue along with the sherry. A little chilli powder lingers around the mouth. Good balance at the end. Well crafted stuff, as usual, from one of my favourite distilleries.

Neat/Ice/Water: A little ice or water opens it up ever so nicely and softens the alcohol burn down to a pleasant buzz. A better balance I think. At 58.6% it’s still pretty intense after a little dilution.

Verdict: Superior. I love the regular issue Glenfarclas 15 and had to try the cask strength version. I’m not sure it’s that much better as to warrant a £35 premium over the regular issue bottling but on flavour alone it’s a couple of notches better. More intense anyway is probably a better description as opposed to better. The dram is the same but this is the supercharged version. I’m glad I experienced it but for the price it’s not enough of a departure from the regular 15 for me to buy another one. Very tasty though…

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