Singleton of Dufftown Spey Cascade

Bottle: Fairly plain and conservative labeling but on a flat, wide bottle. Like an over sized hip flask…

Nose: Barely there. Very faint honey, lime and cinnamon. After a little breathing time a nice golden syrup emerges to dominate proceedings.

Body: Light and silky.

Palate: Watery and neutral. A little marzipan. Faint honey and cinnamon from the nose are still there. Tiny bit on spice on the tail. Very bland.

Finish: Non-existent.

Neat/Ice/Water: Neat. It’s so watery that to water it further would make no sense at all.

Verdict: Average. Very light and fresh. Definitely an early evening dram and not altogether unpleasant but for the more developed whisky palate this is largely a waste of time. It’s anonymous. How did it get into my cabinet I hear you ask? My wife, of late, has been venturing into my stock and trying the odd tipple and discovered that she likes the lighter / fresher examples of the craft. This is a good thing because it means I don’t have to feel as guilty about spending so much on the stuff if we are both sitting there quaffing a dram together! Genius. However the downside soon became apparent when I noticed the fill levels on my Japanese collection a few weeks later. She destroyed a Hakushu in record time and was starting on my Yamazaki’s when I decided I needed a bullet catcher. Thankfully the local supermarket had this on sale at £25. Under normal circumstances I wouldn’t buy it, however it was perfect for my beloved. Problem solved. Job done. My Yamazaki’s are safe and my Mrs has her own dram now. In short, this is entry level, nothing more…

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