Highland Park 19 year old (SMWS 4.209)

Bottle: SMWS standard bottling. Code 4.209 means it’s a Highland Park and this one has been described on the bottle as “The Cinderella Cottage”. As with all of these they write an ode on the label to the liquid within…

Nose: White wine, faint ash, parma ham and rosemary. Quite subtle but inviting nonetheless.

Body: Medium and waxy.

Palate: Surprising that it starts with sugar syrup then quickly shifts to meatier tones (pork sausages as per the label definitely ) and then fading into the ash and gentle smoke rising towards the finish (but never overpoweringly so).

Finish: Quite long actually and very satisfying. A gentle mix of salt and smoke with an oily residue coating the mouth nicely. A little sour just how I like it.

Neat/Ice/Water: Neat. It’s dangerously drinkable.at 54.5%.

Verdict: Superior. A friend poured me a sample to take home and review after we’d broken the seal at his place. On a night of some fairly tasty drams this one stood out head and shoulders above the others. This is really good stuff. Quite distinctive and bold but gentle at the same time. At no stage does this dram lets you down, it’s a shining example of bourbon maturation and exactly how I like it. I haven’t gotten around to joining SMWS yet but I think this dram has made it almost impossible for me not to now. Only 251 of these available so I doubt any remain by now but there’s always another release around the corner.

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