Tamdhu-Glenlivet 22 year old (Cadenhead’s)


Bottle: Standard Cadenhead’s small batch bottling.

Nose: Heady and complex with notes of honey, cherry, blueberry, green herbs and marzipan.

Body: Medium and oily.

Palate: Grassy and herbal initially and then salt and pepper join in. It ends in a sort of sour, spicy brine that’s quite chewy.

Finish: Menthol, a little ash, salty lemon. Medium length. Somehow it’s dry and oily all at once.

Neat/Ice/Water: Drunk neat it’s a touch hot at 56%. A little ice and it works better for me. The intensity of the herbal/sour notes fades into the background and it gets a lot more shortbready and sweeter which is closer to the Tamdhu pedigree I’m used to. The nose loses it’s punch but the mouth is better. The finish remains largely the same.

Verdict: Quaffable. This is an interesting one. Quite distinctive and unusual and certainly not what I was expecting from a Tamdhu. It’s worth drinking for the impact of the flavours alone without it being particularly good. I get the feeling this just missed the mark and could have been a great dram with a slight nudge in some direction (sweeter? smokier? who knows…). It has some very nice characteristics, I especially like it’s oiliness and the sour finish. The nose is quite inviting but doesn’t quite reconcile with what follows in that it smells like a different whisky to how it tastes. My experience of Tamdhu’s are of barley sugar and cereal notes so this is some way off that profile (when drunk neat). Still on sale at Cadenhead’s (only 522 bottles produced), won’t buy another but certainly don’t regret this one.

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