Glen Ord 11 year old (Cadenhead’s)

Bottle: Standard Cadenhead’s authentic collection bottling.

Nose: Honey, toffee, coconut and burnt matches (not the sulphur when lit but more the afters when cold). Glorious. A fantastic start. Gets sweeter as it breathes.

Body: Medium and sticky. Coats the palate ever so nicely.

Palate: All the characteristics from the nose are present but the burnt quality which I really like gets a little stronger. It’s sweet and charred and highly satisfying I must say.

Finish: The finish is the one chink in it’s armour as it’s a touch short. Hints of sour black cherry creep in with the charred toffee sweetness.

Neat/Ice/Water: Ice. With a couple of small cubes this dram really comes alive. It’s too dense at 60.6% undiluted and the flavours unlock and spread out perfectly with a little watering. The flavours are still strong and it gets a lovely fizzy quality in the mouth that really appeals.

Verdict: Superior. This a marvelous dram and the lads at Cadenhead’s have done it again. For the asking price (can’t quite recall circa £50) it’s cracking value for money. The bad news is it sold out very quickly (342 bottles only). I first discovered Glen Ord 20 years ago flat sharing with a Mackenzie (Glen Ord is their clan malt apparently) This was in Australia (it has more presence in the Apac market than it does in the UK where it isn’t very well known despite it’s huge output). It was also the first ever distillery I visited many years ago (on a Hagis tour dare I admit it). This is hands down the best Glen Ord I’ve ever had. Quite young but very accomplished. Slainte.

ERRATA – 24 March 2016: This has sold out in London but Mark Watt of Cadenhead’s has told me that there are a few bottles left in the Campbelltown shop. I shall be more precise in future posts! Cheers Mark.

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