Glen Moray 10 Chardonnay Finish

Bottle: Shorter, dumpy style bottle with a single chin on the neck.

Nose: Butterscotch, honey, white wine and a little melon.

Body: Light, almost watery.

Palate: Sugar syrup, marmalade, butter and toasted oak. Well balanced but uncomplicated and shallow. The flavours are weak. It tastes watered down.

Finish: Short. A little butter and marmalade remain along with some faint oak.

Neat/Ice/Water: Neat. The spirit is so light that it doesn’t warrant any watering.

Verdict: Average. Glen Moray is at the down market end of single malt whiskies, I think it’s fair to say, and while they’ve never been too challenging I’ve always found them to be entirely quaffable. The label professes “tremendously rich…” and “incredible depth…” and so on and so forth but I must disagree. While the base flavours are good they lack any kind of strength or depth. This was proved further when I gave the remains of the bottle to my wife who liked it’s nonthreatening smoothness. If you drink whisky seriously (in terms of range and content, not necessarily volume!) then this will be fairly limp and lifeless I’d wager. It would be interesting to taste it at cask strength but that’s unlikely to happen. My first Chardonnay cask finish and my least favourite Glen Moray.


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