Jura Prophecy

Bottle: The squat, sort of hourglass shape that all distillery bottling’s at the moment carry. Something about it doesn’t really appeal to me aesthetically. Maybe it’s the giant Egyptian hieroglyphic eye staring back at me?

Nose: Sweet smoke like burnt cotton candy. A touch of wet seaweed as well. This is nice to breathe actually.

Body: Thick and viscous. Sticks to the glass.

Palate: Salty and smoky but nothing too serious. Quite sweet too. Menthol, ash, caramel and a little lemon rind.

Finish: Quite long. The menthol and ash get stronger until salted lemon overtakes them.

Neat/Ice/Water: Neat. At 46% it needs no watering.

Verdict: Quaffable.. The bottle states that this is “profoundly peated”. Everything is relative I suppose, so compared to the Glen Moray I reviewed last time round this is a doozy, but your average Islay malt drinker won’t be particularly phased by the PPM count herein. Bruichladdich and Ardbeg can relax, no challenger here. It’s an NAS whisky and reasonably expensive at £55 or so. Worth the money? I think’s £10 overpriced (when you consider other NAS drams like Aberlour A’Bunadh for instance) but would drink it again if it was on sale. I was violently ill the first time I tried this at a friends place up in Dollar, Scotland, but it wasn’t this dram that was the cause. In fact I recall being mildly impressed at the time despite everything else that had been imbibed prior which may have been a factor in what happened next…

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