Tobermory 1994 20 year old Sherry Finish (Cadenhead’s)

Bottle: Cadenhead’s authentic collection standard bottling.

Nose: Blackcurrant, balsamic, cocoa and pork crackling. Dry, robust and intriguing. Liking this. It’s got what I’d describe as a dirty sherry nose.

Body: Thick and nectarish.

Palate: Lightly spicy. The balsamic and cocoa remain from the nose, sour black cherry, liquorice and it does have a meatiness about it. Pork crackling becomes pork belly (cooked in ginger beer). Big, chewy,  generous flavours in this dram. It’s tasty and interesting.

Finish: Quite long. The balsamic caramelizes and combines with a rock salt after taste. Faint cocoa powder around the edges too. A nice mellow burn.

Neat/Ice/Water: At 57.8% it’s a sipper and a little hot but pleasantly so. A furnace of flavour! With a little ice or water to burn gets softer yet the flavours are so strong that they only diminish fractionally. You could go either way on this one. Personally I’d go neat for the full slap in the face.

Verdict: Superior. This is a really good dram but not for novices. Big, bold and badass. Not for drinking whilst doing anything else in some distracted fashion. It demands your attention from the off and holds it right to the sweet and salty end. Really good gear from one of my favourite distilleries. Got this some time ago from Cadenhead’s and I’m positive they’re all gone now. Only 570 bottles produced so perhaps some floating about the auction sites. If I spot this again I’ll certainly be in for it…

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