Cradle Mountain 18 year old Cabernet Sauvignon single cask (Cadenhead’s)

Bottle: Cadenhead’s world whiskies standard bottling.

Nose: Sawdust, treacle, cough medicine. This is the best part.

Body: Thick and syrupy.

Palate: Peanut butter, sawdust, treacle and cough medicine.

Finish: Cough medicine remains and is joined by old rope and eucalyptus.

Neat/Ice/Water: It’s irredeemable, do what you want to it, it simply won’t matter. Holy water perhaps?

Verdict: Avoid. This franskenstein of a whisky is from Tasmania of all places. Utterly bizarre and quite unholy in it’s delivery, it has to be experienced to appreciate just how discordant it actually is. It’s like the different aspects of the malt take a dislike to each other and a fight breaks out in your palate. Like a Friday night in Derwent Park then… Having been raised in Victoria (which I also hate by the way) I simply had to try a whisky from Tassie when I came across this in Cadenhead’s London store. Steven told me I was in luck as it was the last bottle they had and gave me a fiver off too. I’m pretty sure I now know why… The bad news is they made it in the first place and then actually released it. The good news is there are only 132 bottles. Is this actually whisky? Never had anything quite like it…

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