Glenlivet 15

Bottle: Classical, with a bit of extra weight to it. The glass seems thicker perhaps? Nose: Honey and barley sugar mostly with a bit of sherry and cream. Pretty much identical to the 18 year old I have to say. A bit more floral perhaps? Body: Medium. Palate: Honey, cereals and cream with a touch of orange […]

Bowmore 1992 11 year old cask #4229 (Signatory)

Bottle: Standard issue un-chillfiltered collection. Nondescript with a plain white label. Nose: Iodine, wet earth and maple glazed bacon all come together in a nice, perfumy, melange. Gets mustier with airing. Body: Medium and waxy. Thicker than it looks. Coats the mouth well. Palate: Almost cookie dough at the start, quickly becoming saltier and ashy, ending […]

Clynelish 1998 13 year old (Signatory)

Bottle: Regular Signatory affair. Label info tells me this comes from 2 hogsheads (casks #7759 & #7760). Nose: Subtle. Salted lemon, beeswax and faint incense. Body: Medium with a good firm texture. Palate: Orange, Toffee, sea spray, Turkish delight. Pleasant. Very easy to drink. Quite smooth. Finish: Orange doesn’t go anywhere but it does get […]

Pulteney 1990 25 year old (Cadenhead’s)

Bottle: Cadenhead’s authentic collection standard bottling. Nose: Some glue aromas, heather, orange juice. The scents shift a little with each whiff, it’s a bit of a changeling. Interesting. Body: Light and a little waxy. Palate: Orange juice sweetness with some lovely fizz and then grassy with salted lemons at the end. Finish: Salted lemon stays, […]