Pulteney 1990 25 year old (Cadenhead’s)

Bottle: Cadenhead’s authentic collection standard bottling.

Nose: Some glue aromas, heather, orange juice. The scents shift a little with each whiff, it’s a bit of a changeling. Interesting.

Body: Light and a little waxy.

Palate: Orange juice sweetness with some lovely fizz and then grassy with salted lemons at the end.

Finish: Salted lemon stays, gets tart and drier as it goes on. A little medicinal. Good length and balance. Moreish.

Neat/Ice/Water: Neat. Watering it would kill the lovely fizz and at 25 years it needs a little respect.

Verdict: Superior. This tasty little number was purchased on the day of its release at a Cadenhead’s birthday bash in London. They held an informal tasting session for about 20 people at the back of the shop and even had Armorik (Brittany) and Paul John (Goa) reps there to push their wares. This was one of 8 new Cadenhead bottles that were officially available from 6pm that day (don’t ask me why) and I’m glad I chose it. I’ve always liked this distillery and this dram has done nothing to change that. This is not a heavy dram by any means, the flavours are quite light and refreshing. Grows in stature with each sip getting better and better. Only 180 bottles and all sold out as far as I can tell. It cost £90 but it was money well spent. Kinda wish I’d bought 2 now…

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