Clynelish 1998 13 year old (Signatory)

Bottle: Regular Signatory affair. Label info tells me this comes from 2 hogsheads (casks #7759 & #7760).

Nose: Subtle. Salted lemon, beeswax and faint incense.

Body: Medium with a good firm texture.

Palate: Orange, Toffee, sea spray, Turkish delight. Pleasant. Very easy to drink. Quite smooth.

Finish: Orange doesn’t go anywhere but it does get saltier as it lingers, white wine, a bit herbal at the end. Medium length.

Neat/Ice/Water: Neat. It’s light and only 43%.

Verdict: Quaffable. This is very easy going and nice to drink. It’s not going to reinvent anything or challenge your taste buds too much but it will definitely put a smile on your face. This is a malt to sip on whilst relaxing in front of a good movie. It’s doesn’t require too much focus or dissemination, just sit back and let it glide down. It’s well balanced with good flavours and is quite smooth without being bland either. Right in the sweet spot. Picked it up at auction a few months back and by the looks of it, it is sold out online in all the usual places. MoM had it listed at £35 which was an absolute bargain based on what I’m sipping right now. Now wonder it sold out… 824 bottles released and would happily grab another if it came my way. Comfort whisky for sure.

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