Bowmore 1992 11 year old cask #4229 (Signatory)

Bottle: Standard issue un-chillfiltered collection. Nondescript with a plain white label.

Nose: Iodine, wet earth and maple glazed bacon all come together in a nice, perfumy, melange. Gets mustier with airing.

Body: Medium and waxy. Thicker than it looks. Coats the mouth well.

Palate: Almost cookie dough at the start, quickly becoming saltier and ashy, ending with sour lemon pulp. Feels a little underdeveloped perhaps.

Finish: Mild peat, faint lemon, ash and some medicinal notes. Quite short.

Neat/Ice/Water: Neat. At 46% it doesn’t need any dilution.

Verdict: Quaffable. At the lighter end of the scale in terms of colour,  it’s so pale, it’s almost clear apart from a little gold tinge running through it. It starts well with interesting aromas but the mouth isn’t on the same level and it feels a tad shallow albeit very drinkable. Maybe it was bottled a touch too early? A missed opportunity perhaps? Only 373 bottles released and this was 13 years ago so unlikely to be easily found. Got this at auction myself and am not unhappy for the price I paid (under £50). A lighter and creamier type of Bowmore, it’s a decent dram to be sure.

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