Glenlivet 15

Bottle: Classical, with a bit of extra weight to it. The glass seems thicker perhaps?

Nose: Honey and barley sugar mostly with a bit of sherry and cream. Pretty much identical to the 18 year old I have to say. A bit more floral perhaps?

Body: Medium.

Palate: Honey, cereals and cream with a touch of orange peel. Nicely balanced. Again, pretty much the same as the 18 year old minus a little of that extra depth you get with that one.

Finish: Shortish and a little anonymous. This is the weak spot that the 18 year old takes care of. It’s smooth and dry and the palate flavours stay and fade but it ends with a slightly metallic note that spoils the experience for me.

Neat/Ice/Water: With ice or water it glides down and get sweeter. The finish gets softer too which improves it in this case. Ar 40% it loses intensity in the nose and mouth as well so it’s a little no win here…

Verdict: Average. Not bad. Not great. Got it on sale at Tesco so no complaints about what it cost me but having tried the 18 I can tell you that those extra 3 years are worth the stretch if you can find the extra £20.although having said that for that kind of money I’d probably buy something else entirely (Springbank 15 comes to mind). It’s ok but that bitter finish just sits there.

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