Glenfarclas 25

Bottle: Standard Glenfarclas distillery bottling. Nose: Golden syrup, butter menthol sweets, a little dusty. The aromas are a bit shallow and thin. Body: Light and silky. Very nice texture. Clean and light. Palate: The signature Glenfarclas Christmas cake is there, gingerbread, caramelized orange zest, butter menthols again at the back. Finish: Gingerbread lingers, cinnamon, single cream, […]

Auchentoshan 23 year old (Cadenhead’s)

Bottle: Standard Cadenhead’s small batch bottling. Nose: Lemon, mint leaves, a little dusty and dry. Not huge but quite pleasant nonetheless. Body: Lighter side of medium and just a little waxy. The liquid is pale gold. Palate: Apple, elderflower, pear, lemon sherbet. It’s smooth, clean and tart. Finish: Long. The lemon sherbet just keeps on going […]

Cragganmore 12

Bottle: Classic whisky bottle styling with a double description of the malt (on both the main label as well as the top of the neck) which is a touch odd from a marketing pov. A few superlatives in there, so why make the exact same statements twice? Nose: Soft and floral with some ginger beer […]

Glen Rothes 1989 21 year old cask #24380 (Signatory)

Bottle: Standard Signatory cask strength collection bottling. The label is telling me this was matured in a recharred sherry butt. Nose: Toffee, pear, bubblegum (the stick kind with sugar dust). Body: Medium bodied and a little brackish. Palate: Sherry and oak come through strongly. Gradually shifts to sour cherry and white pepper. Actually tastes quite […]