Longmorn 24 year old cask #191954 (SMoS)


Bottle: A Single Malts of Scotland bottling that comes with classic styling. The rear label tells me that the range are all vintage selections based on cask quality and character. As I’m already a Longmorn nut, I’m excited!

Nose: Gently sweet and a little briny at first then settles into familiar perfumy Longmorn territory. Pear, barley, melon, shortbread and many other snippets flying about. Very breathable. You can spend some real time nosing this one.

Body: Lighter side of medium. Just a little waxy.

Palate: Buttered pastry, mixed citrus, sugar syrup, butterscotch, faint menthol.

Finish: Long and relaxed. The palate flavours don’t really change. They slowly burn away with gentle warmth. A very elegant landing.

Neat/Ice/Water: Not up for discussion. Water this and I WILL find you. It’s only 53.7% and they didn’t stick it away for 24 years for it to be diluted at the end of it all…

Verdict: Superior. The few releases I’ve had from the Single Malts of Scotland range have been good. I sampled a few at last years TWE show and they stood out in a whole day of tastings (I have a great Tobermory SMoS too somewhere in the queue). I next came across it in the TWE store itself when a charming girl from across the pond who certainly knew her stuff gave me a sample in store. Needless to say I walked out with a bottle that day and was all the better for it. Looks like it’s still available at £95 and I wouldn’t flinch at that price. This is Longmorn with no tricks. No peat, sherry or anything else just the distillate and 24 years.

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