Aberlour A’Bunadh (Batch 50)

Bottle: A dumpy style that hints at antiquity with the wax covered stopper (a nice touch). The labelling tells me the whisky within is produced in the tradition of the 19th century. Not sure what that might mean (did they do NAS whiskies in the 19th century?)…

Nose: Wood polish, raisins, molasses sugar and a touch of aniseed. Rich and heady. This is pungent and luscious.

Body: Thick and syrupy. It’s got a multi-layered texture that I last experienced with the Glenmorangie Signet (another NAS interestingly).

Palate: Shades of cognac here with fizzy popping candy zing due to the high alcohol content. Christmas cake, sour cherry and a little saltiness bordering on parma ham.

Finish:  Dry honeycomb and fruit with a strong hit of aniseed at the end.

Neat/Ice/Water: Even though it’s cask strength, and a respectable 59.6% at that, it’s absolutely perfect neat.

Verdict: Superior. This is almost, almost identical to the batch 45 & 53 that I reviewed not so long ago. The consistency is seamless with only trace differences between batches (based on those I’ve tried so far). The minor differences seem to be in the finish. This one has an added layer of honeycomb I didn’t spot in the other two. The 53 so far is the best though. Again, I’m splitting hairs and make no mistake, this is marvelous stuff indeed and incredible value for money.

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