Glentauchers 1991 18 year old (G&M)

Bottle: A Gordon & Macphail bottling in a classic whisky style.

Nose: Quite soft and dusty. Faint musk, orange juice, lime cordial and hay.

Body: Very light. Too light. Tiniest hint of wax.

Palate: Super smooth but largely anonymous in terms of flavour. A little brown sugar, faint gingerbread and a some oak comes through at the back.

Finish: Gently warming with some salted butter and faint citrus peel. Fairly short and fairly shallow.

Neat/Ice/Water: Neat. It’s too weak to water.

Verdict: Average. This is probably the worst 18 year old I’ve had. Maybe I got a duff bottle because other reviews seem kinder than I’m going to be. It’s not bad bad, it’s just nondescript and boring. The whole experience is pretty limp from start to finish with no real selling point other than it’s very smooth. I can drink it but I think I’ll pass this one on to the wife. Too light , watery and bland. Got it for £30 at auction so can’t really complain I suppose. Interestingly, Glentauchers is used as a training distillery for the Chivas group. So much for the class of 91 then…

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