Dailuaine-Glenlivet 11 year old (Cadenhead’s)

Bottle: Older style Cadenhead’s small batch bottling. Not the squarish bottle but the rounded one.

Nose: Maltesers, creme brulee, leather, tobacco. Faint sulphur. This is a very heady blend of sweetness and spicyness. Quite inviting.

Body: The colour is a warm, burnished copper. Medium bodied and a little syrupy. Coats the mouth very nicely.

Palate: Boiled sweets galore then a glimpse of tropical fruit (guava?), then it gets leathery and some more of the tobacco from the nose. The flavours and brash and concentrated.

Finish: Long and dry. Gently warming with the leather & tobacco in residence although there is a lingering sweetness to it all as well.

Neat/Ice/Water: Drunk neat it has a mild heat at 46% and is altogether pleasant. It can’t take any watering. Just tried and the whole thing went flat on me so leave it alone.

Verdict: Quaffable (knocking on the door of superior). This is a very good 11 year old that seems to think it’s much older than it actually is (hmm reminds me of my first born actually). It’s very confident, bold and unapologetic. It sizzles on the palate and doesn’t go quietly in the finish. Cocky actually. It’ll grow on you with repeated tastings as there is a fair bit to discover. A real sweet & sour experience. Might make a good cigar malt actually. Only released 6 weeks ago or so but all gone at Cadenhead’s London anyway. Can still grab one at the Whisky Barrel in Edinburgh for £68 which is at a premium but probably just about worth it in the balance.

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