Bowmore 18

Bottle: Standard Bowmore bottling. Nose: Fresh wet sand on the beach. A little sulphur, a little varnish, a little toffee. Body: Lighter side of medium and quite silky. Palate: Sour medicinal notes, bonfire smoke, a dash of balsamic and bitter chocolate. Finish: Gentle smoke, sawdust and lingering sour plums. Neat/Ice/Water: At 43% it doesn’t need […]

Lagavulin 1998 16 year old Distiller’s Edition

Bottle: Classic whisky bottle styling with the Lagavulin twist. Namely, smoked glass and the shoulder of the bottle slightly flaring outwards. This is the 1998 distillation, batch 4/503, finished in a PX sherry cask. Nose: Freshly waxed leather, smoked fish at a distance and iodine initially then golden syrup and even shortbread after breathing a little. […]

Caol Ila 36 (Cadenhead’s)

Bottle: Standard Cadenhead’s authentic collection bottling. Nose: Subtle on the nose. Creamy with burnt toffee, Valencia bitter orange and virtually no smoke to speak of… Body: Medium and almost whipped cream in consistency. Fluffy. Palate: A big salty, ocean hit, then pineapple, toffee apple and rubber with a kiss of smoke (kameeldoring a sweet bbq wood […]

Glenturret 1992 16 year old cask #826 (Signatory)

Bottle: Standard Signatory bottling. Nose: Salted lemon, musk and prunes. A hint of ozone too. Not bad. Body: Medium and velvety. Palate: Sour citrus of lemon and lime are dominant with some sugar syrup underlying. gets a bit peppery at the back. Not a huge mouth on it but has a nice balance in it’s restraint. […]

Glenfarclas 12

Bottle: Older edition of the standard distillery bottling (90’s I think). Nose: Boiled sweets, pine sap, light smoke and cream. Body: Light-medium and silky. Palate: Pineapple cream, gentle smoke, clove and slightly bitter, medicinal twist in the tail. Finish: Good length. Toffee apple, white pepper, cinnamon and lingering, gentle smoke. Neat/Ice/Water: Neat. No need to dilute it […]

William Cadenhead 43 year old

Bottle: Classic whisky bottle with a simple black label and a minimum of fuss. Nose: A creamy blend of pistachio, turkish delight and grapefruit. Body: Medium and a bit waxy. Palate: Malty, shortbread coated in milk chocolate, a touch of aniseed in the tail. Very smooth. Very creamy. Finish: Dark chocolate and grapefruit dominate. Decent length. […]

Tamdhu Batch Strength (Batch #1)

Bottle: This I love. A fusion of art deco and modern lines makes it look like something out of Blade Runner. The label advises sherry maturation, natural colour and no age statement to be found. Nose: Nail varnish remover (which softens with airing), sugared almonds, rum & raisin ice cream. Quite pleasant. Body: Syrupy and […]