Tamdhu Batch Strength (Batch #1)

Bottle: This I love. A fusion of art deco and modern lines makes it look like something out of Blade Runner. The label advises sherry maturation, natural colour and no age statement to be found.

Nose: Nail varnish remover (which softens with airing), sugared almonds, rum & raisin ice cream. Quite pleasant.

Body: Syrupy and a little waxy.

Palate: A big sherry hit, dark chocolate orange, black pepper and cinnamon donuts.

Finish: Decent length. Blood orange, ginger cake, black pepper and some cereal notes.

Neat/Ice/Water: It’s a big old 58.8% but I’m enjoying it this neat. A couple of drops of water trades some sour for some sweet but I’m not convinced. It’s better left alone.

Verdict: Quaffable. This is a pretty good all rounder. No disappointments at any stage and a good warming dram that’s not going to upset anyone. It’s a little vague in it’s delivery like most NAS whiskies and it won’t set the world on fire but you can’t really fault it. It has a nice sweet and sour profile and ends with a slow gentle burn. Widely available for about £56, I can’t fault the price either. Absolutely love that bottle though!

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