William Cadenhead 43 year old

Bottle: Classic whisky bottle with a simple black label and a minimum of fuss.

Nose: A creamy blend of pistachio, turkish delight and grapefruit.

Body: Medium and a bit waxy.

Palate: Malty, shortbread coated in milk chocolate, a touch of aniseed in the tail. Very smooth. Very creamy.

Finish: Dark chocolate and grapefruit dominate. Decent length. Gentle and lingering.

Neat/Ice/Water: Neat. It’s a comfortable 44.2%.

Verdict: Quaffable. This is a lovely, easy drinking, blended whisky with good character from the chaps at Cadenhead’s. It’s not everyday you get 43 years+ in a blend and that alone was reason enough to try it out. It’s 55% grain whisky and 45% malt whisky (Glenfarclas, Glenlivet and Invergordon). Having said that, while it blows the socks off most of the blends I’ve tried, it’s still a blend. Generally speaking, for me, blends are always a little hollow and lack intensity at their core even if the surrounding flavours are good. In this dram you can really taste the aged whisky and appreciate the components but I’m not sure the whole is greater than the sum of the parts. What’s more it’s pricey at £135 a pop but I suppose if you look at say, Glenfarclas 40, retailing at £600, weighting it at 45% for the malt vs grain then this doesn’t look like bad value at all. I know people who are raving about this stuff so it’s probably just me… but I was a tad disappointed. Not because it isn’t any good, far from it, I was perhaps, expecting too much. 624 bottles only.

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