Caol Ila 36 (Cadenhead’s)

Bottle: Standard Cadenhead’s authentic collection bottling.

Nose: Subtle on the nose. Creamy with burnt toffee, Valencia bitter orange and virtually no smoke to speak of…

Body: Medium and almost whipped cream in consistency. Fluffy.

Palate: A big salty, ocean hit, then pineapple, toffee apple and rubber with a kiss of smoke (kameeldoring a sweet bbq wood used under African skies) and a lingering sweet heat.

Finish: Not huge in length but lemon and lime smokiness, all finely balanced with a gentle heat that fades in waves.

Neat/Ice/Water: It’s a 36 year old. Don’t be silly. 52.3%

Verdict: Superior (knocking on the door of stunning). For the first time on this site this whisky has been co-reviewed with @cuanbrown (we co-own this particular bottle). Almost unobtanium unfortunately, we were lucky enough to procure a bottle from Cadenhead’s and this got significant love from the other Cadenhead members at the tasting night. A special dram indeed. Its a 30+ year old Caol Ila, so we  expected no less (they age so well). Only 210 bottles at £190 on initial release, but looking at it now it’s still available at roughly double from other resellers.

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