Bowmore 18

Bottle: Standard Bowmore bottling.

Nose: Fresh wet sand on the beach. A little sulphur, a little varnish, a little toffee.

Body: Lighter side of medium and quite silky.

Palate: Sour medicinal notes, bonfire smoke, a dash of balsamic and bitter chocolate.

Finish: Gentle smoke, sawdust and lingering sour plums.

Neat/Ice/Water: At 43% it doesn’t need water.

Verdict: Average. This is ok but I was hoping that for an 18 year old it would be better than it is. The nose is fairly nice but it degrades at each step afterwards. The mouth is a little worse and the finish is a little worse again. The final after taste is too bitter and metallic. I waited a little too long to review this one and perhaps it has oxidized on me and gone a bit flat. I’ll concede the possibility but I’m not rushing out for this one again. Single cask Bowmore is reliably fantastic but so far out of their standard range I’ll take the Small Batch offering every time.

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