Hazelburn 9 year old (Warehouse sample)


Bottle: Duty paid sample for trade purposes only. Warehouse no.6, rotation number 165, distilled 31/8/2005.

Nose: Sherbet, peppermint cream and elder flower. Very soft and perfumy. I love this nose, it’s so fresh and clean.

Body: Medium and touch waxy.

Palate: Fruit salad, sugar syrup, sea salt, sherbet and mint. Quite tart with some underlying sweetness.

Finish: Fairly big straightaway with a gradual fade.Sour orange, gentle smoke, lime, brown sugar. This has got a real dry twist at the end that leaves you wanting more.

Neat/Ice/Water: This is 60% so needs a little watering to tone it down. 2 Small cubes of ice and this dram really comes alive. Very hot neat.

Verdict: Superior. Very tasty stuff indeed. This is a really fresh and multi-layered whisky that instantly pleases once given a little air and water. A mate got this last year during the Campbelltown Festival. Knowing I couldn’t make it he got me a few bottles and this is an absolute peach I must say. A very confident 9 year old with a cracking finish. If this is the quality that you can pick up direct from the distillery then I can’t wait for the ’17 festival next year…

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