5 Very Special G&M Samples


I have been extremely fortunate to get the remains of a friend’s samples of the following drams, which are by and large, superb. All Gordon & MacPhail rare vintage samples. He himself only got to these after winning a draw so I’m very lucky indeed to get what remains of the 5cl samples in each case. I don’t have what I would call a reviewable quantity for any of them but just enough to get a sense of each malt. Here goes in order of age…

Balblair 1985 20 year old – A fresh nose with mineral, putty notes. Creamy, clean and sweet. Faint medicinal aspect to the finish. Quaffable.

Glenlivet 1974 34 year old – Subtle but inviting nose with faint toffee and grapefruit. The mouth & finsh are oddly flat however. Drinkable but lacking in character for me. Average.

Glen Grant 1966 46 year old – Lovely tropical fruits, salt and real velvety texture. The smallest pour of the lot and I think I know why… Superior.

Strathisla 1965 51 year old – OMG. This is really good. The nose is sherried and dusty. The mouth is glorious with turkish delight, grenadine and smoked german salami! I wish I had more. Superior.

Mortlach 1954 58 year old – I think this is actually the oldest malt I have consumed to date. Less than a finger but here goes. Model glue and almonds on the nose (stronger than I would have expected). Much more subtle on the palate, really classy and refined. Some leather, more almonds and a creamy, herby finish to it all. Superior.

Damn, it’s all gone. What a cracking little smorgasbord of malt that was. Big shout to @cuanbrown for the product. Owe you for that one dude…

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