Strathmill 1995 20 year old Chateau Lafitte Finish (Cadenhead’s)

Bottle: Cadenhead’s authentic collection standard bottling.

Nose: Vanilla fudge, rose water, orange juice.

Body: Light and syrupy.

Palate: Rum punch with strawberry, orange. Fruit salad and brown sugar. A real onslaught of creamy fruit flavours.

Finish: Reasonably long with brown sugar, orange peel, clove and cayenne pepper.

Neat/Ice/Water: 52.7%. Best neat.

Verdict: Quaffable. 20 years old and the last 6 years in a Chateau Lafitte wine cask (these don’t come cheap by the way). I had a 27 year old Highland Park last year from Cadenhead’s which was also finished in the same way and that was lovely. This is pretty good without being exceptional. The creamy fruit salad notes make it a very easy dram to reach for. Nothing really challenging here but most pleasing nonetheless. My first Strathmill too so I’ll be curious to try more. 258 bottles but all gone from Cadenhead’s London.

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