Caermory 15 year old Special Selection

Bottle: Classic. These are limited edition,Tobermory produced, special single cask bottlings, distilled in 1993.

Nose: Pine, salted butter, pear.

Body: Soft and velvety.

Palate: Raspberry jelly, blackcurrant, lemon peel and sour apple ending with a medicinal twist.

Finish: Long and warming. The sour, medicinal notes linger and get hotter with some cayenne before it gracefully recedes. Great poise here.

Neat/Ice/Water: This is  cask strength at 56% and it’s lovely as is.

Verdict: Quaffable (knocking on the door of Superior). Caermory was a limited release distillation by Tobermory under a business expansion scheme in 1993. Long since wound up these are collectible and pop up at auction every now and then. A mate got one and was kind enough to donate reviewable quantity to the cause! It’s a very nice whisky and has a lovely salty & sour combination of flavours. Light in body but rich in taste, it’s effortlessly drinkable. Light smoke and coastal notes joust with forest fruits here quite well. The end product is quite polished but just a touch lightweight.

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