A couple of very special Springbanks

So it’s new years eve and @cuanbrown is around and we are sitting on a couple of ridiculously unobtanium Springbanks, courtesy of Magnus Fagerstorm in Sweden. We don’t have huge pours of the stuff but will soldier on regardless… Here goes…


Springbank 32 year old

Bottle: Sample bottle

Nose: Honey, old book cases, leather, turpentine.

Body: Medium.

Palate: Creamy, oily, smoky, butterscotch and candy floss.

Finish: Deceptive. Unassuming to begin with and then whammo! Cayenne, iodine, raw sugar cane.

Neat/Ice/Water: 46% abv but reasonably hot.

Verdict: Superior. This is is like the Springbank 21 on steroids. Same level of polish (probably even more distinctive) but much punchier to boot. No doubting the pedigree on this dram.


Springbank 33 year old 

Bottle: Pear shaped bottle. Early 70’s bottling. The whisky equivalent of a dodo!

Nose: Eucalyptus, mixed herbs, wacky tabacky? Very curious…

Body: Light and almost watery (not in a bad way).

Palate: Very calm, cream,  citrus, seems muted (watered down?), cardamon, green tea.

Finish: Subtle, same flavours maintain, medium length.

Neat/Ice/Water: 43 % abv.

Verdict: Quaffable. Reminds me for some reason of Hakushu Distillers Reserve. Quite light and green in nature. Possibly received below the stated abv (seems watered down a touch).

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