Clynelish 18 year old cask #10999 (Old Particular)

Bottle: This is an Old Particular range bottling from Douglas Laing.

Nose: Black olives, beeswax and honey. Really engaging this nose. Breathes a little waxy as well.

Body: Based on the deep amber colour, I thought this was going to be much thicker but it’s just medium bodied. A lovely, velvelty,  syrupy texture.

Palate: Clove, sherry, treacle and a hint of aniseed. Really, rich and big this is. Glorious.

Finish:  Warming and spicy with a little caramel and nutmeg. The aniseed circles back too. A real dry twist to it as well that I just love.

Neat/Ice/Water: Neat. At 48.4% it’s perfect as is.

Verdict: Superior (knocking on the door of Stunning). This was released 6 months ago and sold out very quickly indeed. Having just opened it, I bitterly regret not buying another at the time. In fact, I looked the other night to no avail. Only 298 bottles from a refill hogshead, so I’m not surprised now I’m tasting how fine this is. This is a really special dram and drinks ever so well. A rich and spicy combination that really hits the spot. The sour twist at the heart of it makes it a moreish drop too. Bravo. Top drawer.

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